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  Northeastern North Carolina
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Hertford, Bertie, Gates, Chowan, Perquimans, Halifax & Northampton Areas of NC
J.H.Colton Map 1861
1865 A. Lindenkohl map of Windsor,Tarboro, Plymouth areas NC

N.E. North Carolina & Lower Virginia
Bowen 1747
1861 Johnson & Browning - Williamsburg, VA to Albemarle Sound, NC
Fry & Jefferson 1751

North Carolina 1779
1779 State of NC

Millard Fillmore March 12, 1865 War Department Map of NC
James River to Suffolk, VA
New Landing to Sandy Gross, NC
Mintonsville to Albemarle Sound
Gatesville to Indian Woods
Isle of Wight, Nottaway River, Cypress Swamp areas
Bethelem to Woodland, NC
Woodland to Williams Landing, NC
Windsor, NC to Cherry Run areas
Pactolus to Swift Creek, NC
Dinwiddle to Meherrin River
Hicksford to Halifax, NC
Grove Hill to Logsboro, NC
Nashville to Stantonsburg, NC
Greenville to Kingston, NC
Sleepy Creek to Richlands, NC
Little Swift Creek to Youngs
New Berne, Neuse River, Bay River in NC
Mattamuskeet Lake to Pamplico Sound
Ballards Branch to Plymouth, NC
Somerton to Woodville, NC
Isle of Wight, VA to Somerton,NC
Fearnsville to Haley's Branch, NC
Strickland's Depot to Everetts, NC

North Carolina 1800
Payne, Philadelphia

1861 Eastern Counties of NC & Lower Virginia
Johnson & Browning
Johnson & Browning 1861 Currituck Inlet to Pamplico Sound

1764 Carolina
Bellin, Paris

Moll 1729
Moll 1729

Gilmer 1863
Gilmer NW Bertie
Gilmer NE Bertie
Gilmer SW Bertie
Gilmer SE Bertie

Bertie County
Topographic Map Symbols
Aulander Area Topo Quadrant 1
Aulander Area Topo Quadrant 2
Aulander Area Topo Quadrant 3
Aulander Area Topo Quadrant 4
Coleraine Area Topo Quadrant 1
Coleraine Area Topo Quadrant 2
Coleraine Area Topo Quadrant 3
Coleraine Area Topo Quadrant 4
Powellsville Area Topo Quadrant 1
Powellsville Area Topo Quadrant 2
Powellsville Area Topo Quadrant 3
Powellsville Area Topo Quadrant 4
North West Bertie
Buckleberry Pocosin
Upper Bertie Co
Merry Hill
Aulander Area Swamps
Roquist Swamp & Cashie Creek sw Bertie
Pell Mell Pocosin
Albermarle Sound Area

Hertford County
Hertford Location Map
Proximity Map
Topographic Map Symbols
Winton Area Topo Quadrant 1
Winton Area Topo Quadrant 2
Winton Area Topo Quadrant 3
Winton Area Topo Quadrant 4
Union Area Topo Quadrant 1
Union Area Topo Quadrant 2
Union Area Topo Quadrant 3
Union Area Topo Quadrant 4
Ahoskie Area Topo Quadrant 1
Ahoskie Area Topo Quadrant 2
Ahoskie Area Topo Quadrant 3
Ahoskie Area Topo Quadrant 4
Harrellsville Area Topo Quadrant 1
Harrellsville Area Topo Quadrant 2
Harrellsville Area Topo Quadrant 3
Harrellsville Area Topo Quadrant 4
Ahoskie Creek & Branches
Ahoskie & Winton Area
Ahoskie & Waterways
Brantley's Grove
Poor Town Snake Branch
Ahoskie Creek
St John's Aulander Ahoskie
Mill Pond/Deep Creek/Chowan River South of Winton
Lloyd Crossroads
Hertford County Township Map

Gates County
Gates County Topo Maps
Barnes Swamp, Barnes Swamp [2], Beasley Branch,Beaverdam Swamp, Beef Creek, Buckhorn Creek, Catherine Creek, Cole Creek, Duke Swamp, Flat Branch, Folly Creek, Goodman Swamp, Goose Creek, Hackley Swamp, Harrell Swamp, Island Creek, Jady Branch, Licking Branch, Meherrin River, Mud Creek, Spices Creek, Troutman Creek

Cypress Swamp Area
Taylor Mill Pond
Eure - Cypress Swamp
Wiggins Crossroad
Mitchells Fork
Gumberry Swamp

Genealogy Tools
Topographic Map Symbols

A tale begun in other days, when summer suns were glowing ~

A simple chime that served to time the rhythm of our rowing ~

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