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Graduating Platoon #66 ~ April 1944 ~ Parris Island, SC
Sgt. Kerr
Corp. Glover
P.F.C. Braman
Albert Tyler
John W. Stuart, Jr,
[To a swell guy]
George J. Puratta
[To a regular guy]
Jim Deasy, Jr.
William Ellis, Jr.
Frederick Das [ R.I.]
Chuck Pursell
[To a swell fellow]
Jack McInnis
Russ Keimig [N.J.]
Alford E. Silrus [N.H.]
S. E. Roberts [N.Y.C.]
Ralph V. Fisher
[To a swell D.I.]
John T. Woods
[N.Y. Taxi]
Wm. I. Nathanson [Flatbush]
Richard Hastell
Vincent T. Flavia
Ed Gormans
Saul Fox
[Thanks a lot]
Slim Smriga [Tallest]
Jim Bourlon [Knuckleheadest]
Michael H. Rudowsky
Salvatore D. Pignio
Rudy Winesinger [Shorty]
Mike Ames
[To a great "little" D.I.]
Harold Shultz
Estel Tates [Va.]
John J. Cantelmo
Edger Sowell
Murray N. Kaufman
Frank G. Pawlowski
Bert Lindeman
George L. Botta
Edward Phalew
Bob Ellis Carl Russo
Bill Mahon
[Till we meet again
the best of luck.]

Joe Tafferty
Andy Macral
Paul E. Simonean
Bill Mulcaly
Nick Costese
[Bpt* Calif. bound]
Red Dawn [N.Y.]
Emil T. Gagtiardi [Gag Bpt]
Daniel J Jettani [Bpt Conn.]
Al Morris
Guy Kaininger [N.Y.]
Jim Brown
John E. Leddick
Fred Krantz
"Chuck" Rooney
Wallace G. Zakalskie
Jerry Kiely
Maurice O Drummond
E.H. Livingston [Mass.]
Nazareth "Nazie" Mouseian
[To a swell D.I. to know]
Leonard Richman [N.Y.]
Abel P. Kamegaard
Leo A. Szablak [Conn.]
Carson Foster [Pa.]
John Carroll [Conn.]
Craig M. Garstson
Bennett H. Wilson, Jr.
R.E. Arterburn [Fla.]
Robert F. Harding[N.Y.]
Mike Hanian "The Greek"
[To a swell D.I. that makes good Marines.]

Graduating Platoon #192 ~ June 1944 ~ Parris Island, SC
Platoon Sgt. Hudson
Corp. McCracken
Corp. Nichols
Elmer H. Breeden
[Good luck Corp. Nichols]
Gilbert All
[Keep punching]
Harold E. Johnson
[Thanks a million for
everthing and best wishes]

B. M. Kelley
[D. I. names were rough
now were through and
are we tough???]

John H. Eley [Penna.]
S. M. Coffren
[Best of luck]
Hanch D. Lambert
W. Kasper
[To a great D.I.]
Frank Blackwell
[To a real Marine]
D. Paton
[Best of all to a swell D.I.]
Joe Obruba
R. T. Dean
Steve Nedzbala
[I hope you enjoyed
P.I. I know I "did"?]

Vernard James
[Thanks for a swell

Fred Hatfield
[Thanks a lot]
Floyd G. Harper
[Lot's of Luck to you
in Tokyo or Cumberland

Donald H. Fritz
[Best of luck]
Andrew J. Kapolka
[Wish you lots of luck]
Jolen P. Johnson, Jr.
James Beshwell [Ala.]
Vic Gatto
Frye Best of luck
Lazy A____
Al Colson (Midget)[Pa.]
Jim Reagan
[Wait on that Quart]
Clarence Dodds
[Best of Luck]
Arthur (Butch) Muir
Chas C Dilling
[Best of luck to a
swell fellow]

James A. Wierman, Sr
Perma Kid
Frank Eresl
Norman Thacker [Va.]
[Lots of luck]
Walter Bray
[Best of luck in the future
to the best D.I. on PI.]

[Thanks a million, some
things are not appreciated
until it is all over.]

Ray Auckerman
Sam C. Emmerson
[Thanks to three good
D.I.'s and good luck]

Walter Carson "Kit" Martin
[Here's hoping you the best of
everthing you deserve "it" ole boy.]

Howard L. Heath
[Here's hoping your next Plt.
is not as stupid as you claimed
we are.]

Dutch Gaum
[Hope To Make A Good Marine
Hometown Boy]

The United States Marine Corps was established
on November 10, 1775, to augment naval forces in the
Revolutionary War. The recruiting headquarters was
set up by Captain Samuel Nicholas in the Tun Tavern
on Water Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ which is considered
to be the birthplace of the Marines. After success
in many campaigns, the Corps was abolished at the close
of the Revolutionary War for reasons of economy.
On July 11, 1798, Congress ordered the creation of the
Corps, named it the United States Marine Corps
and directed that it be available for service
under the Secretary of the Navy.

A tale begun in other days, when summer suns were glowing ~

            W.R. Nichols 1907 ~ 1990


            A simple chime that served to time
            the rhythm of our rowing ~

      +++++++ 2003 +++++++