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Tech. Sgt. James William Cleveland, Jr.

    ~ Ordnance Department ~


    Corporal John Robert Cleveland

      ~ Tank Destroyers ~ Italy ~


      Pfc. Ronald C. Osborne

        ~ Third Army in France ~


        S/Sgt. John B. Knight

          John B. Knight served two terms with the United States Military; the first was a 42-month tour during WWII and the second a 17-month tour during the Korean Conflict.
          During WWII he was a Control Tower Operator serving in the Army Airways Communication System ~ AACS. He obtained the rank of S/Sgt while stationed in Algiers toward the end of the war.

          AACS was a world-wide organization headquartered in Asheville, NC. Those AACS personnel who weren't assigned to Asheville, were on detached duty all over the world. The AACS provided necessary air to ground assistance to our flying force.

          S/Sgt Knight's most memorial WWII assignments were; Truax Field, Madison, WI; Camp Davis, NC; Marrakech, Fr Morocco and Algiers, Algeria. He had various short duty assignments in areas such as Naples, Italy and Mogador. USAAF S/Sgt John B. Knight received an Honorable Discharge on Christmas Day 1945.

          A tale begun in other days, when summer suns were glowing ~


                    A simple chime that served to time
                    the rhythm of our rowing ~

                      +++++++ 2003 +++++++